Any of these courses would satisfy your Statistics requirement:

  • ARTS 280      Statistics for Arts Students

  • BIOL 361       Biostatistics and Experimental Design

  • ECON 221      Statistics for Economists

  • ENVS 278       Advanced Environmental Research Methods

  • KIN 332         Research Design and Statistics

  • LS 280          Social Statistics

  • PSCI 314       Quantitative Analysis

  • PSYCH 292     Basic Data Analysis

  • PSYCH 391     Advanced Data Analysis

  • SOC 280        Social Statistics (Cross-listed with LS 280)

  • STAT 202      Introductory Statistics for Scientists

  • STAT 220      Probability (Non-Specialist Level)

  • STAT 221       Statistics (non-Specialist Level)

  • STAT 230       Probability (plan on the Spring online course as seats may not be available for Fall sessions)

  • STAT 316       Introduction to Statistical Problem Solving by Computer

  • SYDE 212       Probability and Statistics    

For courses not on this list, individual approval must be obtained prior to taking the course.

The appearance of a course on this list does not guarantee the course will be offered. Some of these courses are, or may become, obsolete. They still need to be on the list for the sake of students who have already earned the credit.

The appearance of a course on this list does not guarantee that a student will be eligible to take the course. Many of these courses have pre-requisites or anti-requisites. Furthermore, many of these courses are restricted to students who major in that subject area. We include them here primarily for the information of students considering a transfer into BKI, a double major, concurrent degree, second degree, minor, or option.  We'll use this list to identify which degree requirements such a student has already satisfied in a previous course of study.

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