INTEG 375 Special Topics: Hands-on Sustainability

A real-world project course to rescue objects from the waste stream, determine why they were discarded, suggest how to refurbish them, and propose how to put them into the hands of those who can use them.

Small groups will work together to learn how to repair and repurpose everyday objects diverted from the landfill. Discussions and activities will involve sustainability & social good, including diagnostic skills, hand tools, 3D modeling, adhesives & fasteners. 

prerequisite: Level 2A or above

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There is growing recognition that influencing consumer behaviour is key for achieving the goals of sustainable development. Twenty-five percent of vacuum cleaners, 60 percent of stereos and 90 percent of computers still function when people dispose of them.

– Evan Hinte, Eternally Yours: Visions on Product Endurance