INTEG 375 Special Topics: Technology Art Studio

Tech Art Winter 2020

In the Technology Art Studio course, students work in truly interdisciplinary groups comprising artists, engineers, and KI students to conceive, design, prototype, debug, re-design, build and exhibit a piece of technology-mediated sculpture. While there may be some screen-based aspects to the work, this is not a course in screen-based art--it’s a sculpture course. Along the way, you’ll learn from the instructors and from each other about sculpture, artistic concepts, basic electronics, a bit of software, and a lot about interdisciplinary collaboration. And you’ll make a thing you can be proud of and include in your design portfolio. The course is a lot of work, but a lot of fun. Note that this is a winter project course: while we will schedule actual crunch time around KIX and try to avoid fourth year symposium run-up, it is adding a significant project course to what might be an already-busy 3B or 4B term. There are spots for approximately 10 third or fourth year KI students in the course.

The course is open to 3rd & 4th year students in Fine Arts or Knowledge Integration, and 4th year Engineering students.

Held with FINE 392 with GENE 499

most recent syllabus available from the Department of Knowledge Integration upon request

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