Knowledge Integration Experience Awards

One or two awards, valued at up to $1,000 each, will be provided annually to full-time undergraduate students enrolled in Year Two, Three, or Four of the Bachelor of Knowledge Integration (KI) program to help support an activity which will enhance their learning experience such as an international exchange, an entrepreneurial venture, or other worthy project (excluding the museum field trip).

The experience must be undertaken during the current academic year (Fall, Winter, or Spring). Selection will be based on academic merit as well as a statement from the candidate describing how the experience will enhance their educational goals and a budget of estimated expenses along with other potential sources of funding. Following the experience, recipients will be asked to provide a brief report in which they reflect on their learning. They will also be encouraged to work with KI to share their experiences with current and future KI students.

Please include the following in your application:

  • The dates of the experience
  • A budget showing your best estimate of expenses related to the experience
  • Any additional potential sources of support
  • The amount you’d like to request
  • A statement describing how the experience will enhance your educational goals

This fund is made possible by donations in support of the Knowledge Integration program.

Interested students may submit their application to the Department of Knowledge Integration by February 20, 2024.

If you are participating in an international experience, you should also investigate the University of Waterloo International Experience Awards.