KI Works Job Description form

This form is designed to collect information about your KI Works job experience. The form has four sections: information about you, information about the organization, the specifics about your job, and space for you to explain the relevance of the position.

For more information about the program, please visit the KI Works web page.

Section 1: Information about you
Because information for this form is collected outside of Learn, we need to be able to associate the submission with your name. We also ask for term information in case you participate in KI Works more than once during your program. While we may develop and publish aggregate statistics about the KI Works program from Sections 2 and 3 of this form, none of the identifying information in Section 1 will be used for purposes outside of the course.
(the term that you will be working at this job)
(the year that you will be working at this job)
Section 2: Information about the organization
Thanks for telling us about yourself! Now, please let us know a little about the organization you'll be working with.
Section 3: Information about the job
This section asks for information about your specific job at the organization. You may gather this information from the job description if there is one, and you may also wish to consult your supervisor.
Job Location (province)
For jobs outside of Canada, please choose "Other"
A 1-2 sentence overview of the role within the organization.
A longer job description, including any specific tasks and skills (e.g., customer facing, communication, writing reports, managing reports, etc.) Your supervisor may have a written job description which could be cut and pasted here.
Section 4: What the job means to you
Almost done! Please tell us in this section how you see the job being relevant to your academic or career goals.
Explain the relevance of this job to your current academic interests and/or post-graduate career goals.