KI Seminar: Academic planning for success

Friday, November 11, 2022 2:30 pm - 3:50 pm EST

The BKI is unique in its flexibility; however, with such freedom comes responsibility. When should I take my breadth requirements? What courses can I double count? How can I substitute a breadth requirement course that isn’t currently on our list of approved courses? What if my joint major also requires me to complete a thesis or senior honours project? These can be overwhelming questions students face throughout their BKI.

This session will highlight some of the important requirements of the BKI, and clarify many processes (e.g., breadth course substitutions) to help KI students design their education successfully. It will also provide a space for students at any stage in their BKI to reflect on what kind of knowledge integrator they are becoming by virtue of what courses they have completed (or plan to complete) with the help of the handout emailed to them.

You are encouraged to fill out the handout prior to the seminar.

This session will be presented by Solène Jollivet, your Undergraduate Advisor, and John McLevey, Associate Chair Undergraduate Studies.