KI Seminar: D2L

Friday, January 21, 2022 1:00 pm - 2:20 pm EST

Exploring Your Path at D2L

We invited our friends at D2L, the global learning innovation company founded by a Waterloo grad, for a panel discussion about the work that they do, and how KI skills and knowledge are being applied in that industry.

Ted Haag – Customer Service Representative                                  

Ted Haag
Ted graduated from KI in 2021. He primarily focused on Peace and Conflict Studies and English academically, with a particular passion for sociology and philosophy. He has known since highschool that he wanted a social job where he could solve problems and help people. Ted looked at D2L as a forward thinking company where he could do work helping users in their educational journey. Since joining, he has helped people as individuals with their struggles, designed and implemented systems to help entire institutions, and continue to do work that he revels in and excels at. 

Evan Birtch – Director of Talent Acquisition and Candidate Experience 

Evan Birtch
Evan is currently the Director of Talent Acquisition and Candidate Experience at D2L, where he's been for the past 9 years in various Recruitment roles. Prior to that he led RIM/BlackBerry's Campus Recruitment team as part of his 6 years there; the past 15 years of Evan's career have consistently had student recruitment in it due to his passion for hiring early talent. He is sometimes told that he is funny (and doesn't disagree). 

Thomas Huijbregts – Manager, Technical Account Management

Thomas Huijbregts
Thomas graduated from KI in 2015, completing his thesis in partnership with a local tech company. This opened his eyes to the opportunities in the space, and led to roles within product and then customer success. Thomas’ true passion though was always supporting, coaching and developing others. He now gets to apply that on a daily basis as a Manager within the Technical Account Management team, which provides enhanced technical expertise and guidance to customers.