KI Seminar: Learning through change - lessons from a niche consultancy

Friday, October 27, 2023 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)
Brett Purcell

Learning through change -- lessons from a niche consultancy

Brett is the President of Nevada Learning Series, a niche change and communication company based in Toronto. Nevada’s clientele are primarily multinational organizations looking to support their employees during periods of significant technological change. We work to center impacted user groups at all levels and phases of change, as we know that the long-term success of a change relies on much more than whether the technology was delivered to spec.  

Brett’s vision is to be the go-to trusted advisor for leaders who understand that transformations only reach their full potential when the focus is on user experience. Change is a difficult thing for anyone to go through – but by listening and learning about how people are experiencing their world, we can help them see past the interim challenges and focus on the advantages of what awaits them in future.

Nevada’s people-first approach and mindset extend beyond our client work. Our charitable branch, Changemakers, seeks to provide disadvantaged communities and individuals with opportunities to learn, grow, and bring their unique perspective to the workforce. Each Changemakers initiative enriches our experiences as well, allowing us to continue living into our commitments as lifelong learners.

Brett has been part of Nevada since 1994 and President since 2006. He graduated from York University and brings years of technological experience, sales expertise, and curiosity to every project. On his off time, expect to find Brett enjoy his passion of baseball/softball with his two daughters.