KI Seminar: Plan your KI & Beyond

Friday, November 24, 2023 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm EST

Plan Your KI & Beyond 

KI offers students the flexibility to study their multiple interests, and to choose from a wide variety of future career paths. But it can be difficult to choose what to study and what path(s) to pursue! Join KI Chair, Katie Plaisance, and UG Advisor, Solène Jollivet in a split workshop seminar to plan your KI and beyond. On Friday, you will have the option to attend one of the two sessions:

Katie will be running a session on grad school and the workforce: What skills are in high demand?  What is needed for grad school applications? What are employers looking for in a candidate? Come with your questions! This session will be targeted at third and fourth years but all are welcome! A similar workshop will be offered again next year.

Solène will be running a session on degree reflection and direction: How do you identify your areas of interests? Where can those interests lead you? What minors, options, joint degrees and diplomas are available? How do you make sure that you meet all the requirements? A reflection handout and planning spreadsheet will be provided to make the most of this hands-on workshop. This session is targeted towards first and second years, but all are welcome!


Katie Plaisance

Katie Plaisance, KI Chair & Associate Professor

Solène Jollivet

Solène Jollivet, KI Advisor & Administrative Manager