Here is what some KI grads are doing, and how they customized their KI program to match their unique interests and goals.

Exploring the consulting industry

She has worked at Deloitte as a Senior Business Analyst in the Human Capital Consulting service. Human Capital consulting is a type of management consulting that focuses on things like human resources strategy and organizational design.

During her KI studies, she worked in the summer after her third year in Student Talent Acquisition at Talisman Energy Inc, was a runner-up in the campus-wide i3 Challenge and helped run the successful Combining Two Cultures 2012 conference.

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International Relations

She completed a Masters in Comparative International Studies and a PhD in Political Economy at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. The Masters was a thesis based in international studies that had a strong emphasis on quantitative and computational methods, theory and research.

Her first opportunity to pursue this was in her undergraduate thesis where she is determining if the indicator, net enrollment ratio, for the Millennium Development Goal, universal primary education, is a good proxy for quality education and student performance by using principle component analysis, linear regressions, and correlation tests.

While at university, she pursued a mathematics minor and option in International Relations and participated in the Beyond Borders program.

She went on to work in Paris as a Junior Policy Analyst, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), in the Climate, Biodiversity and Water Division in the Environmental Directorate.

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Tackling the technology and software industry

He plans to find a technology/software job to build his skills, with the eventual goal of working for a business or charity and working in a team to do projects, whatever form they may take.

He was one of the main organizers of the Combining Two Cultures 2012 conference, and has taken on leadership roles in KISS, the Knowledge Integration Student Society.

Innovator for Hire

He is working with Overlap Associates, where they are "Directors of Innovation for Hire" by empowering teams to tackle challenges using creative tools and approaches. Hear more about the KI connection to Overlap.

Law School

She had several international work and volunteer experiences during her KI program, and is now studying Law at the University of Victoria.

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Big Data and Analytics

During her KI degree she was a research assistant with a KI professor, and then she completed a Masters of Big Data program to obtain a M.Sc. in Computing Science in Big Data, at Simon Fraser University.

During her grad school internship interviews, she said, "KI came up multiple times in my interviews and employers were really interested in a degree that let me explore data science, while at the same time gaining a really solid footing in skills such as communication, critical-thinking, and collaboration."

Read more about her experiences and perspectives in an interview with her in a Women in STEM series for the Ingenium Channel.

Speech-Language Pathology

She did a graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology, and is now working in that area. She loves languages, working with people and is fascinated by the way things work. Speech Path is a way for her to keep studying the things she’s interested in through a graduate program.

“KI has been the perfect Undergrad program for me - not only have I loved every second of it, but Speech Path programs want well rounded students with a background in psych, stats, linguistics etc (everything that I've been studying for the past few years). I'm not sure whether I would rather work with children in a school, adults in a hospital setting, or with a team of health care professionals trying to fix the communication system within medical institutions, but I can't wait to see where this next step takes me!”

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Science communication

After graduating from KI, she did an MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College London, UK. During her studies she had the opportunity to curate a mini-exhibit for the Science Museum in London that featured an object from the Courtald Gallery collection and presented some of the science behind the object.

She's now the Communications Coordinator at The Atmospheric Fund in Toronto, which advanced innovative local solutions to climate change.

Designer and problem-solver

She is a designer at Normative, a software design studio helping organizations create products and services for a networked world.

Medical School

She spent one of her summers during her KI studies working with an HIV/AIDS initiative in Uganda, and now she's at medical school.

Teaming up in design project competition

Two of our grads were part of a design team that did very well in an international package design competition, and their KI skills were an important part of their success. Read more at KI alumni team up in design project competition.

Research Assistant

She is working as a Research Associate for the Berkman Center of Internet and Society (Affiliated with Harvard Law) for a year. She is hoping to continue on into grad school and continue to look for ways that she can combine practical design with research, tech, and society. 

Banking industry business analyst

"We take the high level requirements given to us by the business side or the idea creator and turn them into more detailed functional, system, and user experience requirements for the technical analysts to code from, and for QA to use in their testing. 

We also help design the solutions that fit the requirements, and make recommendations to the business group if a decision needs to be made about which design they want to move forward with."

Studying Science, Technology, and Society

He was admitted directly to a PhD program at one of the top international think tanks on science & technology. His research focuses on trust, expertise, and collaboration, and he's passionate about finding ways to productively engage the public in complex socio-technological challenges like climate change and development. His KI thesis and several independent studies courses were particularly important in preparing him for this research and program, as was KI's interdisciplinary approach to tackling complex systems.

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Interaction design

She is studying Interaction Design at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver in a "industry transition" program. She is building a portfolio and working on mock-ups for websites and mobile apps.

Data Scientist

As a part of Shopify's Data Science & Engineering team, he helps to build the scalable data assets, pipelines, and systems that support Shopify's innovative community of decision makers and developers. Before Shopify, he developed open source entity matching and data extraction tools with KI professor John McLevey's NetLab, enabling NetLab's leading-edge research in large-scale collaboration networks.

Advocating on student issues

He was elected as Vice President, Education for the Federation of Students, a one-year full time job at the University of Waterloo. He will be the primary representative for UW undergrads to federal, provincial and municipal governments, and to the University administration, advocating on student issues such as tuition, financial aid, coop and academic policies.

He graduated KI with a heavy focus on the humanities (minors in English and Philosophy), and intends to apply to professional school in the future — either in law or in management. Long term, he hopes to work in not-for-profit sector leadership. "I think my degree path highlights how post-secondary education can be about holistic learning and growth, not just about employment outcomes."

Genetic Counselling

She is doing a Masters in Genetic Counselling, and during the application interviews, the schools were very impressed with the structure of KI and the museum course specifically. The emphasis on team work and broad critical thinking skills were evident to them.

Pursuing a passion for teaching

He is doing a Master of Teaching at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto. The topic of his KI senior research project was on innovation in high school enrichment.

Content Strategist

He plans to continue full time as Content Strategist at a software startup company.

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Finding connections and patterns in data

He is working for Employment and Social Development Canada as a data analyst, building on the experience he had as an undergrad research assistant with KI professor John McLevey’s NetLab, which focuses on developing open source software (e.g. metaknowledge) to support networks research on science and knowledge.

Showcasing Alberta’s rich music story

She coordinated an exhibition at the National Music Centre in Calgary that explores Alberta’s rich music history.

Mathematical biology

He is doing a master's degree in mathematical biology, where he studies large scale forest dynamics and the sociology of science. His interdisciplinary background includes bioengineering, museum exhibit design, and science comedy.

Vision and Paralympic athletes

She did a Masters in Vision Science where she did research to help develop improved classification rules that reflect the unique visual demands of each Paralympic sport including measuring the functional impact of vision impairments on athlete’s performance under real-world conditions in Alpine and Nordic (cross-country) skiing.

Now she's working in Europe for the International Paralympic Committee doing classification work for visually impaired athletes.

Graduate studies in philosophy

He intends to pursue an M.A. in philosophy, followed by a Ph.D. in the same, though perhaps not right away, and work toward becoming a professional writer and educator, possibly a professor in philosophy.

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Understanding clients needs, building a software model

She is a Business Analyst at Prophix, a financial software company. They create a financial software program for companies to consolidate financial reports and improve their budgeting and reporting processes. She works with clients to understand their needs and build a model of the software that can fit their business requirements.

"It’s a really great job for a KI grad since it involves working with clients (public speaking, a lot of soft skills from design courses to understand what the client needs), numeracy (a bit of accounting), and technical skills (a bit of coding/computer programming)."

Learning animation

She is going to the Max the Mutt Animation School, Toronto, doing the Concept Art for Animation and Video Games program.

"It's been a really interesting program and draws really heavily on a lot of things we did in KI, especially because concept art is all about smashing together ideas/inspiration from a variety of sources to come up with new ideas, as well as collaborating with programmers, game designers etc."

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Studying communication

She will be doing a Masters in Rhetoric and Communication Design.

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Spiritual and cultural connecting

She is the Spiritual and Cultural Programming Coordinator in a non-profit co-educational affordable residence that offers comfortable living facilities in a Ukrainian Orthodox environment, and fosters a stronger Ukrainian heritage and Canadian community by producing educational, spiritual, cultural, and outreach programs for youth and community members.

RyleyRyley has worked as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte. The KI program helped her decide what she wanted to do by giving her exposure to different disciplines, as well as the connections between them. Watch Ryley's video interview

"The KI program developed my comfort with ambiguity and my passion for taking initiative to find or create solutions - abilities I find extremely valuable for management consulting!"

DevinDevin graduated from KI with joint honours in Knowledge Integration and Computer Science. He has worked for The Working Centre: a not-for-profit in Kitchener that runs various social ventures as well as an employment centre. Watch Devin's video interview

"I didn’t get [those soft skills] from my Computer Science courses, I got [them] from my Knowledge Integration courses."

EricEric was a direct admit to the PhD program at the Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes at Arizona State University. He’s interested in how communities make decisions on issues that are scientifically and socially complex, including climate change, sustainability, and development.

"Thanks to KI, I’m able to tackle big, messy, and crucially important complex problems here at CSPO."

JoanJoan graduated concurrently from Knowledge Integration and Systems Design Engineering. She has worked as a designer at BSG Inc, and as a research assistant working on a textbook about electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

"Knowledge Integration emphasizes the importance of communication between experts and non-experts... and helped me build my portfolio."