Congratulations to KI 2022 Academic Achievement Award winner!

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Luna Kawano, BKI'22 is the recipient of the Academic Achievement Award for the Bachelor of Knowledge Integration (BKI) graduating class of 2022 in recognition of academic excellence.

Here's what Luna said:

“To be completely honest, I was not expecting to receive this award. Although I have been heavily involved on and beyond campus, I have not been super involved academically. I did not realize I had a Dean’s Honours Average until I got the email suggesting I apply. I guess I bring this up because it connects to the greatest lesson I learned in KI – learning is FUN.

Although high school me would not admit it, I cared a lot about my grades. I did not invest so much in true learning and understanding as I did in chasing that extra percentage. When I transferred to KI from Software Engineering, I started to prioritize the things that resonated with me. What am I really interested in? How does what we are learning connect to the real world? How can I make this more fun and exciting for myself? I went from a “follow the rubric to a T to get good grades” to a “who cares about grades as long as it’s meaningful” kind of person and I am so grateful for it.

Faced with an increasingly interconnected world with complex issues, there is a need for BOLD intentionality and interdisciplinary collaboration. KI has given me the confidence and tools to take on these challenges with an open mind. I am excited for what is to come next!”