KI student gets inspired at academic conference

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

KI student Hannah Gardiner sent us news about her conference participation:

"Last week, I had the privilege of presenting at the Scholarship of Undergraduate Literary Studies (SOULS) Conference at Bishop’s University. Surrounded by other undergraduate students passionate about their own research – who likewise took keen interest into everyone else’s – it was not hard to be motivated.

Most students at the conference were English majors from various schools across Canada. As a non-English major, I was exposed to numerous methods of approaching literary texts and to types of research in the Humanities that I had never considered. I was also reminded of the creativity and energy that one can infuse in their academic work.

After a weekend of academic discussion, the students had a debrief in which we brainstormed ways that we could bring our ideas into the public world. I came away from this conference inspired to do just this."