Welcome to Fall

decorative image pumpkin and fall leavesWelcome back for the Fall semester. Over the summer months, there were a few system updates to note.

What's New?


  • There is now an option to include a thread's replies when copying it from one topic to another. Before, only the original thread could be copied without its associated replies.


  • Using Special Access, instructors can now override the number of attempts allowed for individual students.
  • Quiz and Survey data can now be exported to Excel. An Export to Excel button is available on the Grade Quiz and View Statistics pages.



  • There was an issue with the Turnitin Due Date if an End Date wasn't added to the Dropbox Restrictions tab within D2L. We still recommend including a Start, Due, and End Dates in the Dropbox folder when using Turnitin, but if an End Date is missing, Turnitin will now use the Course End Date as the Turnitin Due Date.