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Library Ambassadors program is growing (up)!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Our Library Ambassadors program is expanding to give our student ambassadors even more leadership opportunities! Starting this spring term, two new Senior Library Ambassador positions will help take the lead in the increasingly successful program. Find out why we're so excited about this new development...

Ambassadors jumping in the air

Our Library Ambassadors are very excited for another term of events, activities and FUN!

Why bring in a senior ambassador position?

Launched 2 years ago, the team who developed the Library Ambassadors program always anticipated they might introduce senior roles for the students. Program lead Mary Lynne Bartlett explains that launching the senior roles this term was perfect timing because there were Ambassadors that had been in the program for a few semesters who could fill the role and continue to develop. Also, the program, which has always been co-lead by two Library staff members, is now solely lead by Bartlett, the Library’s Student Engagement Coordinator, making room for more student leadership roles to assist her in supporting the program.

Students will be eligible to apply for the senior positions once they have worked as an Ambassador for at least two terms. While they will work alongside their peers, the job will be slightly different. Senior Ambassadors will plan wrap-up week events and board game cafes. They will also develop and plan the Library feedback sessions that the Ambassadors host with their fellow students each term. Bartlett emphasizes that “the Senior Library Ambassador position really gives them a chance to enhance all the skills they've been working on throughout the program, but at a higher level. Newer Ambassadors will also benefit by having mentoring sessions with the Senior Ambassadors, and will get on-the-job coaching from them at fairs and events."

Meet our first Senior Library Ambassadors!

The Library’s very first Senior Ambassadors are Dennie Park and Natalie Robinson. You’ll likely recognize them from the many Library events they’ve helped out with over the past year…or maybe you've seen the in the bookstacks or at the Circulation Help Desk, where they also both work part-time. Both have been enthusiastic additions to the Library and its outreach initiatives on campus, and both are clearly passionate about the program:

Natalie and Dennie peering around bookshelf

Dennie Park, Senior Library Ambassador

Dennie throwing goose in the air

“I love the Library Ambassador program because it allows us to help other students succeed and feel welcome in the Library space. I'm looking forward to mentoring newer ambassadors, to help them experience the same personal growth and skill development I have gained through this program!”

Natalie Robinson, Senior Library Ambassador

Natalie standing calmly next to goose

"I enjoy being a Library Ambassador because I am given the freedom to approach every task with flexibility and creativity. While working on important skills for my own personal development, I also get to give back to the Waterloo community. I am excited to see what projects I will be working on next and I can’t wait for what we have planned this summer!”

What does it take to be a Senior Library Ambassador?

A unique feature of the Library Ambassadors program is that it gives a range of employable skills to those with little-to-no previous work experience…the only prerequisites are enthusiasm for the Library and the University, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills! While students are required to reapply each term, a couple terms on the job will give all Ambassadors the opportunity to develop the skills needed to move into the senior positions, including excellent communication, leadership, critical thinking, approachability, and professionalism skills. “We are looking for LAs who want to coach their peers and really develop their skills,” says Bartlett. 

Interested in joining the Library Ambassadors team?

Our team for spring term 2018 is currently full, but if you think you’re right for the job, learn more about how to be a Library Ambassador. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to find our when applications open up for next term, or keep an eye on LEADS for postings!

Ambassadors team on stairs

(Most of) our Spring term 2018 Library Ambassadors. You'll be seeing a lot more of them soon!

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