Management of technology

Faculty in the management of technology stream of the Department of Management Science and Engineering concentrate on organizational behaviour and decision-making in all areas of business planning, especially in regard to the organizational and socio-economic management of technology.

Our faculty members are experts in behavioural and experimental economics, decision-making under risk and uncertainty, risk management, cognition and communication in organizations, socio-technical systems, organizational effectiveness and strategy, network theory, innovation and intellectual property, entrepreneurship, and technology adoption.

Organization and human behaviour

Our research in this area includes the application of experimental, survey, and field study methodologies to understand problem solving and decision-making at various levels, including the individual, group, and the organization as a whole. Other areas of work include organizational design, organizational learning and adaptation, and the social/organizational effects of technology.

People with research in organization and human behaviour

Management of innovation:

Our research in this area comprises the study of management strategy of innovation such as the generation of new innovation through various R&D programs, the utilization of innovation through various types of intellectual property rights, and the assessment of the quality and economic returns of innovation. We also research organizational and managerial coordination and collaboration in product development and dissemination under different market structures.

People with research in management of innovation