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Prof. Zbig Wasilewski is internationally renowned for his contributions to the field of Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), quantum-dot and quantum-well photonic devices.

Man Chun Alan Tam

Postdoctoral Fellow

Alan got his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering under Professor Zbig Wasilewski's supervision in 2020. Alan has a BSc degree in Physics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2007) and MSc in Physics from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2009).

Yinqiu (Peyton) Shi

Research Associate

Yinqiu (Peyton) Shi now works as a research associate in the QNC-MBE Lab after graduating with a PhD degree in Physics (Nanotechnology) under Prof. Wasilewski’s supervision in 2021. She obtained her BSc (Hons) in Physics at the University of Toronto in 2014.

Ahmed Elbaroudy

Ph.D. Candidate

Ahmed obtained his M.Sc. degree under the supervision of Prof. Zbigniew Wasilewski in August 2020 and then worked in his group as a Research Assistant. He joined Ph.D. Nanoengineering program in January 2023. His primary research focus is the development of topological qubits serving quantum computers in 2D electron gases in InAs and InSb materials systems.

Milad Entezami

Ph.D. Candidate

Milad joined the QNC-MBE research team in February 2022 as an Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Ph.D. student to explore the development of innovative THz photoconductive antennas, particularly for sensing, spectroscopy, and communication applications.

Seyed-Ali joined the QNC-MBE research team in February 2022 to develop high-performance Sub-THz and THz sources with applications to communications, imaging, sensing, and spectroscopy.

Trevor Blaikie

Ph.D. Candidate

Trevor has been a member of the QNC-MBE team since September 2020, following the completion of his undergraduate degree in physics. He graduated with an MSc degree in 2022 and started his Ph.D. program right away.  Trevor obtained his BSc (Hons) at Ontario Tech University, specializing in astrophysics.

Hadiya Ma

MSc Candidate

After having graduated with a physics degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Hadiya found herself intrigued by the physics and applications of the "very small". This led her to pursue her Master’s degree in the QNC-MBE research group.

Joseph P Thomas

PhD, Former Facility Manager

Joseph Thomas had been the manager of the QNC-MBE Facility until November 2017. He is currently a Technical Support Specialist/Staff Scientist in the Waterloo Advanced Technology Lab (WATLab) at the University of Waterloo.

Denise Gosselink

PhD, Former Facility Manager

Denise Gosselink had been the manager for the Molecular Beam Epitaxy facility until August 2016. Presently she is the Bruce B Chemistry and Environment Department Manager at the Bruce Power, the world's largest nuclear power plant.

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Wojciech Julian Pasek

Former Postdoctoral Fellow

Wojciech Pasek worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the QNC-MBE group in the period of November 2018 to January 2020. Wojciech focused on the development of a theory for multi-subband plasmon formation in non-parabolic conductions based on k.p calculations

Ho Sung Kim

Former Postdoctoral Fellow
Ho Sung Kim worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the QNC-MBE Group from April 2018 to February 2020. He focused on molecular beam epitaxial (MBE) growth and fabrication of GaAs/AlGaAs structures for lateral gated p-n junctions for single-electron injectors

Chris Deimert

Alumni, Former PhD Candidate

Chris Deimert is now a research associate at National Research Council Canada. Chris earned his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering (Nanotechnology) under Professor Zbig Wasilewski's supervision in 2021.

Ida Sadeghi

Alumni, Former PhD Candidate

Ida Sadeghi is now a postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ida earned her PhD degree in Electrical Engineering (Nanotechnology) under Professor Zbig Wasilewski's supervision in 2021.

Bohdan Khromets

Alumni, Former MSc Candidate

Bohdan Khromets is now a research assistant in Professor Jonathan Baugh's Coherent Spintronics Group. Bohdan earned his MSc degree in Physics (Quantum Information) under Professor Zbig Wasilewski's supervision in December 2021.

Yunong (Anthony) Hu

Alumni, Former MSc Candidate

Yunong (Anthony) Hu earned his MSc degree in Physics (Nanotechnology) under Professor Zbig Wasilewski's supervision in 2018. He joined the QNC-MBE research team in September 2016, after his graduation from the University of Waterloo with a BSc degree in Physics.

Xueren (Jacky) Wang

Alumni, Former MASc Candidate

Jacky Wang graduated in 2015 with a MASc degree in Electrical Engineering under Professor Zbig Wasilewski's supervision. Jacky joined the QNC-MBE team in 2013 when he was an exchange student from Soochow University.

Julie Tournet

Alumni, Former MASc Candidate

Julie Tournet is now a post-doctoral research fellow at the Australian National University. Julie earned his MASc degree in Electrical Engineering (Nanotechnology) under Professor Zbig Wasilewski's supervision in 2015. Julie was the first student of the QNC-MBE Lab.

Marc Jaikissoon

Alumni, Former Research Assistant

Marc Jaikissoon worked in the QNC-MBE Group as a Co-op Student from September to December in 2015 and then as a Research Assistant/Facility Technician from January to July in 2018.