The Waterloo Eye Institute and our profession

At the School of Optometry & Vision Science, we believe we’ve found a better way to deliver eye and vision care; one that gives optometrists the tools to deliver a new level of patient care.

The Waterloo Eye Institute will help us better serve patients here in Waterloo-Wellington and across the country by pushing the boundaries of clinical careoptometric education and vision research. With your support, we will

• promote inter-professional education and collaborative practice – embracing relationships with ophthalmology, family medicine, pharmacy, and other health professions.

• reimagine the patient pathway – fully serving our patients’ vision care needs, from wellness through surgery to rehabilitation, from ages 1 to 101.

• harness expertise in ocular imaging research – expanding our understanding of the connections between the eye and brain to discover techniques and treatments that will enhance health care.

• prepare students and the profession for the highest scope of practice in North America, and expand access to vision care for patients across Canada.

What your gift makes possible:

Investing in the future

To make this bold vision a reality, we need the support of our alumni, the profession and the community.

Facilities and equipment – create a clinical and research environment that inspires excellence in the delivery of vision care, learning and innovation.

Students – Support the leaders of tomorrow in optometric practice and research.

Innovation – boost research discovery to put us at the forefront of patient care.