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All monies realized through the issuance of citations on campus are donated by Parking Services to student scholarship funds. Payment of citations is mandatory. Parking Services will not re-register the vehicle of any faculty, staff or student until all outstanding fines or fees are cleared by payment. Students with outstanding citations will be notified if possible and a seal will be placed on transcripts and graduation diplomas until payment of such citations has been made.

  1. General penalty – every person who contravenes any of the provisions of the Traffic and Parking Regulations, where a penalty for the contravention is not otherwise provided herein, is liable to a fine of $25.00.
  2. Failure to register vehicle: Section 1(a); Fine: $50.00.
  3. Failure to produce proof of insurance: Section 6; Fine: $50.00.
  4. Fail to obey directions of a Police Officer; Fine: $50.00.
  5. Speeding: Section 2. Fine: $25.00; plus $1.00 per km/h in excess of 40 km/h.
  6. Operating prohibited vehicle on campus (Section 11a,b);
    Fine: $50.00.
  7. Improper access/or exit from a card or coin controlled lot; Section 3(d), Fine: $75.00 and /or cost of removing vehicles from parking lot.
  8. Assisting another person to improperly enter or exit from a card or coin controlled lot. Fine: $75.00.
  9. Failure to stop and report accident; Section 13; Fine: $100.00.
  10. Failure to report damage to property; Section 5(b); Fine: $100.00
  11. Driving without due care and attention ; Section 16; Fine: $100.00
  12. Submitting false information on registration form; Section 20;
    Fine : $100.00
  13. Parking illegally, designated handicapped parking; Fine: $150.00
  14. Obstruct handicapped access way; Fine $50.00 and/or cost of removal of vehicle.
  15. Fraudulent permit (displaying altered permit); Fine $150.00 plus towing charge.
  16. Parked in Fire Route Fine $75.00 plus towing charge.
  17. Unauthorized use of permit $50.00 plus suspension of parking privileges
  18. Obstruct Emergency Vehicle Accessway $50 plus towing charge.

Appeal Board

  1. An Appeal Board appointed by the President of the university consists of five active members, including at least one member from each of the following groups; Faculty, Staff, CUPE, Graduate students and Undergraduate students. Members of the Board elect a Chairperson.
  2. In addition, the Board has a permanent secretary who is a member of Parking Services. The Manager of Parking Services whose sole function is administrative is also a member of the Board. This Board is reviewed annually by the President; new or re-appointments are made as appropriate. Police and Parking Services personnel do not appear before, or hold a vote on the Board.
  3. The Appeal Board meets monthly, or as required, and receives and considers all appeals related to Traffic and Parking offences filed with them.
  4. Appeal application forms are available at Parking Services, and must be lodged with the Appeal Board within 14 days of the alleged infraction.
  5. The Appeal Board may allow or disallow any appeal. The decision of the Board is final and binding.
  6. The Appeal Board shall notify the appellant in writing of the decision.

To appeal your ticket please follow the link below:
Traffic and Parking Appeal Board