Space cannot be guaranteed in ungated parking lots. Purchasing a PDF or scratch permit only pre-pays the cost of parking and does not reserve a specific spot. Parking services will work to provide a contingency plan in the case that all spots are full when your guests arrive. 

PDF Permits

PDF permits are available for purchase by UW Departments using a departmental account number to cover the cost of parking for guests in an ungated parking lot. 

Pros Cons
Can be emailed to all guests attending Must know exact date and time guests are on campus
Simple and quick for visitors as they can print the permit before arriving to campus Can only be used in the lot specified
Parking Services will count exactly how many are used and bill accordingly AFTER the event  
Available for any ungated lot (conditional on space available)  
Personalized permits specifically to your event  

If you would like to request a .pdf permit for your guests or event please email parking services at with the following information. Please give parking services at least 2 business days to respond to your request. It is best to contact us 3 weeks or more before your event.

Number of Permits or Request a Count:

Name of Event (this will be displayed on your permit):

Preferred Ungated Parking Lot:

Date(s) of Event:

Time that all guests will be parked by:


Account Number:

Scratch Permits

Scratch Permits are available for purchase by UW Department using a deparmental account number to cover the cost of parking for guests in specific ungated parking lots. Scratch permits can also be purchased using credit, debit or cash in the Parking Services office. Scratch permits purchased in office using cash or POS will be subject to tax. Permits purchased using department account number will be charged at the pre-tax value. 

Pros Cons

Scratch permits have multiple lots listed giving department options of locations if needed.

Available for: X lot, C lot, B lot, Q lot, Tech Town and Downtown campus

Visitors must come to the office prior to parking to receive their pass or

Department liaison must meet visitor at their vehicle

You do not need to know what date the visitors are coming. Can be used until final expiry date 12/31/2022 Scratch permits will be billed at the time of purchase/pick-up
You can keep scratch permits on hand in the department for unexpected or last minute guests. Incorrectly scratched permits can result in a parking ticket costing up to $150
Also available for residence lots and M lot on separate scratch permits  

If you would like to request scratch permits for your department guests please email parking services at with the following information. Please give parking services at least 2 business days to respond to your request. 


Is there a specific event or on hand for regular visitors:

If so what event:

Intended ungated lot of use:

Account Number: