Ambulatory Care Residency Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

Program start date - the first Monday after Labour Day holiday

What is the annual stipend for UWaterloo/CFFF FHT team residency program?

The annual stipend is approximately $35,000.00

What parking arrangements do you have for the resident?

Residents are expected to pay for their parking.

The following options are available:

  • Joseph Street site – $2 coins for parking machine and can be purchased at reception
  • Victoria Street site - $5 for day pass
  • School Term Parking Passes – the pharmacy resident is eligible to purchase, in advance, a term parking pass for Lot #3

Are there any additional costs for residents throughout the residency year?

The resident is responsible for additional costs throughout the year such as: parking at elective rotation sites, transportation costs, and conference registration fees (except for PPCs in Toronto). The resident is responsible for paying their annual CSHP-OB fees (approx. $128.00/year, July 1st - June 30th of each year).

How many vacation weeks does the resident receive?

The resident is entitled to 2 weeks of vacation. The first week is during the Christmas break, and the second week is approximately the third week in June.

Does the resident get time off to prepare for PEBC exams in November?

Yes, the resident is allowed a maximum of 8 days away (in early November) to prepare and write the PEBC exams. This is not included as vacation time. The residency program year is 53 weeks in total to accommodate this study absence. If the resident has already written PEBCs prior to the program start, there will be no interruption in the schedule.

I understand that some rotations are done offsite. When would these be during the residency year?

The Internal Medicine rotation at Grand River Hospital, CTU, runs approximately 6 weeks. Most of our elective rotations are done offsite – students are expected to drive themselves or secure their own transportation, at their own expense, to the sites. The elective rotations typically occur from June to September.

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