CAP Intent to Register Form

CAP2021s, please complete this webform in order to retain consideration for a pharmacy admission interview in May 2023. The form should be submitted no later than January 16, 2023.

Pharmacy Experience
I understand that, if I have not already done so, I must submit my Pharmacy Experience Tracking Sheet to before the deadline of Jan 16, 2023.
CASPer Test
All applicants, including CAP students, are required to complete the CASPer test. Further details can be found on the School’s website: NOTE: REGISTER FOR A PHARMD CASPER TEST SITTING. The CAP CASPer test sittings are for prospective CAP students only. Select the date you have registered to take the CASPer test or the date you have completed the CASPer test:
CASPer Snapshot
The CASPer Snapshot is a three-question one-way interview tool taken through your Altus account. Once you sign into your account you should see a prompt to complete Snapshot. You will have the opportunity to practice responding to a practice question before submitting responses. There is no set time and place that you are required to complete Snapshot — you are able to complete it at your leisure before, or after you sit the CASPer test. It is suggested that you complete it within 14 days of completing CASPer but that is not a requirement. Please confirm that you understand that you must complete the Snapshot:
Please declare your intention, to enrol or not to enrol in the University of Waterloo’s Doctor of Pharmacy program that commences in January 2024, in the event that your conditional offer to the pharmacy program becomes firm as a result of meeting all of the conditions on that offer. You understand that this does not bind you to accepting a firm offer of admission, but that this statement of intent will be used solely for the School’s planning purposes. You also understand that if you select “I will not enrol,” you will not be offered an admission interview.