Clubs and services


The PharmClub is a separate entity that works along PhGA to hosts meetings where graduate students and post doctoral fellows alike can present a seminar on a topic or their ongoing research. These gatherings are conducted in a friendly, informal fashion where presenters can build-on their scientific presentation skills.
PharmClub is also an opportunity for students to practice their proposal or thesis defence presentations and get constructive feedback from others who successfully passed these key milestones. 
The current PharmClub chair is listed on the Council and Constitution page.

Grad lounge

Nestled in the heart of the student research and office space lies the established graduate student lounge, in PHR 4016.

The grad lounge was setup in 2011 with departmental and GSA endorsements and Graduate Student Endowment Fund (GSEF) financial support. The $4,000 grant funded the establishment of the comfortable and cozy lounge featuring furnishings from Leon's and IKEA.
As our students' central hub, the Grad-Lounge is a well-utilized space and a recognized landmark within the School of Pharmacy. 
grad lounge