Council and constitution


The constitution outlines the general proceedings governing the PhGA, its responsibilities, goals and governance.

As such, it is eligible for complete or partial review when the presiding council and/or majority student vote necessitates such as review. Newly elected council members are also required to review the constitution soon after their appointment.

Any questions, comments or concerns about the constitution need to be addressed to the presiding VP Student Affairs.

Elections for council positions will take place during Spring term of each year

PhGA executive council membership


Position Role Student representative
  • acting head and leader
  • represents graduate students at Pharmacy Council, GSRC, and strategic planning
  • ensures representation Pharmacy graduate students within the School 

Nicholas Cheng

Vice-President, Operations
  • oversees day-to-day operations
  • responsible for internal affairs pertaining to the School of Pharmacy graduate student body
Ali Syed
Vice-President, Communications
  • responsible for communications between student body, PhGA execs, and administrative staff
  • involved with social event planning for Pharmacy graduate students
Kaidy Orellana
Vice-President, Finance
  • assumes financial responsibilities of PhGA, including annual budget
  • involved with event planning and fundraising activities

Jiayang Li

Vice President, Student Affairs (PharmClub Chair)
  • creates opportunities for students to practice and polish their presentation and other career skills

  • Pharmacy Chair for the Graduate Student Association

  • helps plan and organize events 

Kartar Singh

Past executive council members


Sam Hirniak, President

Alistair Kai Chak Chan, Vice-President Student Affairs

Nicole MacNeil, Vice-President Operations and Communications

Emelien Jentz, Treasurer and Vice-President Finance

Rishabh Sharma, PharmClub Chair

Carolina Araujo Cirne, Social Media Coordinator


Jesse St. Jean, President

Antoine Hakim, Vice-President Student Affairs

Ahsan Ayub, Vice-President Communications and Events

Nehil Ranjitham Gopalakrishnan, Treasurer and Vice-President Finance

Jin Wang, PharmClub Chair


Jesse St. Jean, President

Ahsan Ayub, Vice-President Student Affairs

Jacky Yu, Vice-President Communications and Events

Nehil Ranjitham Gopalakrishnan, Treasurer and Vice-President Finance

Ashley Bancsi, Vice-President Operations

Jin Wang, PharmClub Chair


Cindy Yeung, President

Jesse St. Jean, Vice-President Student Affairs

Derek Chen, Vice-President Communications and Events

Sadaf Faisal, Treasurer and Vice-President Finance

Gurmeet Lall, Vice-President Operations

Amy Pham, PharmClub Chair


Heidi Fernandes, President

Amna El Shatshat, Vice-President Student Affairs

Kristina Ellis, Vice-President Communications and Events

Yannick Traore, Treasurer and Vice-President Finance

Scott Gillis, Vice-President Operations

Alanna McEneny-King, PharmClub Chair


Amy Pham, President

Paul Malik, Vice-President Student Affairs

Alex Durocher, Vice-President Communications and Events

Bogdan Diaconu, Treasurer and Vice-President Finance

Hayden Huh, Vice-President Operations

Alanna McEneny-King, PharmClub Chair


Gokul Raj Pullagura, President

Amirreza Rafiee, Vice-President Student Affairs

Heather Dekker, Vice-President, Communications and Events

Amy Pham, Treasurer and Vice-President Finance

Alex Durocher, Vice-President Operations

Razan Amoud, PharmClub Chair

Alanna McEneny-King, Trivia Master