By Brent Choi and Hassin Saleh, Rx2023/24s

The Start of a New Pharmacy Practice

The pandemic was one of the most impactful events of the 21st century, impacting how people live their daily lives. Health care was no different, with patients and health-care professionals alike navigating a new world of virtual interactions and clinical care.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the important role pharmacists play on the front lines of health care – and has demonstrated the value technology brings to clinical care.” says Hassin Saleh, a second-year pharmacy student.

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“As the profession of pharmacy evolves, we believe that technology can bring the pharmacy practice and patient care to the next level.” says Brent Choi, a third-year pharmacy student.

Brent and Hassin are Co-Chairs of the HackRx planning committee, a group of about twelve University of Waterloo and University of Toronto students with a passion for pharmacy and technology. They are organizing the second annual HackRx which will take place on July 15th-17th and are inviting pharmacy, healthcare, engineering, computer science and science students from across Canada to participate. The hackathon will focus on the creation and implementation of tools that enable a pharmacy to improve its ability to provide quality clinical care.

Group of students on online call planning event

HackRx planning team including students from Rx 2022-2024 from UW and UofT as well as pre-pharmacy and computer science students

What is HackRx?

HackRx2022 invites students across the disciplines of pharmacy, medicine, computer science and engineering to develop new innovations and enhancements for the Canadian pharmacy practice.

“Featuring a thrilling weekend of competition, workshops, and speakers, HackRx2022 will be a dynamic event full of pharmacy technology discussion and growth” says Brent Choi.

The event kicks off on a Friday evening where students will hear a keynote address from a leader in health tech. That’s followed by a networking session where students meet others, share interests, and form a group. 

The planning groups aims to create diverse and dynamic groups who can use their complementary skills to create exciting new projects.

“HackRx2022 is an opportunity to meet people with different skillsets from across the country, so we encourage participants to make new connections and leverage each other’s expertise,” says Hassin.

On Saturday, groups can participant in workshops and presentations of their choosing, run by leaders in health and technology fields. Throughout the weekend, groups will devise a solution to the problem they identified. They’ll present those solutions on Sunday, and outstanding presentations will receive prizes.

“This event will be one of the most innovative pharmacy events in Canada, we look forward having our attendees explore the endless potential of what pharmacy can be,” says Brent.

Frequently asked questions

When Is HackRx and will it be in person or virtual?

HackRx will take place on July 15-17 2022 and will be hosted on the virtual platform Accelevants.

How much does it cost to participate in HackRx?

Participating in HackRx is free! Anyone passionate about the merging of healthcare and technology is welcome!

Is it ok if I don’t have any experience with hackathons in general? Do I need to be a student to participate?

It is totally fine! HackRx2022 is the chance to explore new ideas and learn new skills. Various workshops and mentors will be available to you to help you get set up.

HackRx is aimed at targeting students interested in healthcare and technology, however the event is designed for people that want to expand their knowledge in these fields. If you are unsure if you qualify, please email us at

How many hackers per team? If I don’t have a team can I come solo?

Each team can have a minimum of 1 hacker or a max of 5 hackers! Solo hackers are welcome, and team formation events will also be hosted to help solo participants form a dream team together!

When are applications live and where can I register?

Applications are live now. Please register on this form or Instagram bio.

Learn more at our event website or LinkedIn page.

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