Randilynne standing outside, smiling and holding her award
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

KW Legacy group supports community through mentoring and award

Randilynne standing outside, smiling and holding her award

Randilynne Urslak is this year’s recipient of the Remedy’sRx Legacy Award

Recently Will and Cathy Schill, Chris Kelly from the KW Legacy group along with Mike Teeple from McKesson gathered virtually to present the Remedy’sRx Legacy award to Randilynne Urslak, a first-year pharmacy student.

“Cathy and Will Schill have been dedicated supporters of our program from the beginning and we are grateful to them, to KW Legacy and to McKesson for continuing to support our students through this generous award,” says Director David Edwards. “Cathy and Will have gone above and beyond providing mentorship not just to award recipients but to all the students who are fortunate enough to have worked with them.”

Will is a founding member of KW Legacy, a group formed in 2014. KW Legacy was born out of a group of friends from Waterloo Region coming together with the goal of leaving a lasting legacy in the area. Together, they give back to the community that has shaped their professional and personal lives and use their networks and skills to accelerate start-up charity initiatives.  The Remedy’sRx Legacy Award, supported by McKesson Canada, is one of many awards they provide for high school and university students.

Virtual call featuring Legacy members congratulating Randilynne

The virtual award celebration: Chris Kelly (top left, KW Legacy), Will and Cathy Schill (top middle, KW Legacy), David Edwards (bottom left, School of Pharmacy), Mary Stanley (bottom middle, School of Pharmacy) and Randilynne Urslak (right) with Mike Teeple from McKesson  joining via phone call

Award recipients benefit both through the monetary aspect of the award and through the mentorship provided by KW Legacy members who are a diverse group of successful professionals. Will and Cathy Schill are members and local pharmacists who have achieved success as Remedy Rx pharmacy owner-operators. Both have been strong supporters of the School over the years, acting as supervisors and mentors to pharmacy students on residencies and co-op terms.

As this year’s winner, Randilynne will be able to leverage Cathy and Will’s expertise as she develops as a pharmacy student and also participate in other initiatives organized or supported by KW Legacy. The group, which operates under the motto, “good friends, greater deeds,” organizes a number of fundraisers to support local charities and causes.

This is the third year the Remedy’sRx Legacy Award was presented to a pharmacy student. The award is valued at $5,000 and is bestowed based on academic excellence and participation in extracurricular and volunteer activities. Randilynne, this year’s recipient, is a very engaged student who has organized Canada’s largest undergraduate health-care conference, volunteered at a hospital and held  numerous leadership roles in a number of university clubs.