The benefits of integrating pharmacists in community practices

A structured support system for oncology patients is one of the most important aspects during a difficult time in someone’s life.

When one thinks of a cancer centre, nurses and physicians are at the forefront, but a pharmacist is also essential in providing care and designing treatments for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Tom McFarlane
Dr. Tom McFarlane, a researcher and clinical lecturer at the School of Pharmacy, was approached to participate in a study on the importance of pharmacists in oncology patient management.

The research is in partnership with Maria Anwar, a pharmacist at Alberta Health Services, and pharmacy resident Alisha Merali. The project focuses on cardio-oncology, which is becoming an increasingly important aspect of oncology practice. Many medications used in oncology are toxic to the heart and require close monitoring and management.

Before this study, understanding how pharmacists are integrated within cardio-oncology teams from a pharmacist’s perspective has not been investigated. The findings will allow others to create a robust community of practice for cardio-oncology, thereby strengthening patient treatment.

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