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Pharmacists Support: patients with cancer

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Michael Collins at Grand River Hospital. March is Pharmacist Awareness Month. Pharmacists Support. “Cancer is a scary diagnosis,” says alumnus Michael Collins. “Not only do oncology pharmacists require complex therapeutic knowledge, we also require the soft skills needed to empathize in such a difficult part of a cancer patient’s life.”

Michael, a graduate of School of Pharmacy’s first class, knew he wanted to work in a hospital before he’d even begun pharmacy school.

“I worked in a retail pharmacy as part of co-op in high school,” he explains. “I enjoyed the experience but felt a lack of clinical involvement; it felt too much like a business.”

Now, he specializes in oncology at Grand River Hospital, just up the street from the School. He works closely with cancer patients, and meets regularly with those starting or undergoing chemotherapy.

“It’s a privilege,” Michael says, “to be a part of the patient’s journey here at the cancer centre.”

The Pharmacists Support series is issued by the School of Pharmacy for #PAM2017. It runs every Tuesday and Thursday in March.