Stacey D'Angelo
Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Pushing the pharmacy profession forward

Pharmacy alum Stacey D'Angelo boosts patient health by deprescribing meds, focusing on holistic health, mental well-being and personalized medicine

For people who have been taking multiple medications for years, or those taking medication which can cause withdrawal or rebound symptoms, the notion of deprescribing can be scary, even if it may improve their health and well-being.

Deprescribing, the supervised process of reducing or stopping medication use, is at the core of Stacey D’Angelo’s (BScPhm '12) innovative health service in the pharmacy space. D’Angelo is a pharmacist, entrepreneur and founder of Your Simple Health, where she works directly with patients to help optimize, streamline and reduce medication use.

I am passionate about improving health outcomes for patients and helping them feel better, My goal is to give patients the confidence that the medications they are on are right for them and empower them to make better informed health decisions.

Stacey D'Angelo (Rx2012)

D’Angelo’s approach is holistic, she empowers patients by implementing lifestyle strategies to set them up for success.

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