Physics Lab Days at UWaterloo

Students performing experiments with a plasma ballAvailable every year in December and in April, grade 11 and 12 physics classes will engage in Physics lab stations specially designed to ignite their curiosity and to encourage them to make connections between various aspects of Physics.

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Physics Lab Days provides six curriculum relevant, experiential learning stations for high school students to explore different phenomena in an undergraduate laboratory setting. Each session lasts about two hours.

Our preferred schedule offers a morning session beginning at 9:00 and an afternoon session beginning at 1:00, though we are willing to accommodate minor changes in timing. Please give us as much information about your day as possible to help us with your itinerary.

There are no more spots available for December 2022. We can take tentative information now for visits in April 2023.

The tentative dates for April 2023 are weekdays from April 12 - 25.
We cannot accommodate lab sessions for groups larger than 30, and we will be running 2 sessions per day. Your school can book a full day visit for groups of up to 60 students.

Let us know know if you are interested in a visit in April with approximate numbers; details wil be confirmed in February.

24 students in each lab section is ideal. Maximum capacity is 30.
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