Brenda Lee receives the 2021 Excellence in Science Teaching Award

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Professor Brenda Lee is a very bright, creative and hard-working educator in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. She is

an instructor who consistently demonstrates sensitivity to student needs ensuring that weaker students are not left behind using the right balance of rigor and compassion. 

Throughout the past year, she has developed professional-quality lecture slides and videos using computer-aided graphics and animations, as well as leveraged a custom-developed Discord server with WatIAM verification to help run her classes online. This commitment to the innovative use of technology has supported her sustained high-quality classroom and remote teaching with a strong emphasis on student engagement. This approach, along with Brenda’s willingness to support her colleagues, has been particularly successful in responding to the requirements of remote teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

"Teaching is not only my passion, but a privilege that I do not take for granted,” says Professor Lee. “Through all of my efforts in and out of the classroom, I see teaching as a gift that touches and inspires both students and faculty and has a lasting impact on everyone's future." 

Congratulations Brenda! 

About ETSA 

The Excellence in Science Teaching Award (ESTA) was initiated by Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor Mario Coniglio in 2011 when he was the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies in the Faculty of Science. This award was established to recognize and reward excellence in teaching and outstanding instructors within the Faculty of Science. Each year, the ESTA award is awarded to a maximum of two candidates from the Faculty of Science.  

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