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Brian McNamara

Professor, University Research Chair in Astrophysics, Director, GWPI

Brian McNamaraOffice: PHY 253
Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 38170


  • University of Virginia
    Ph.D. in Astronomy, January 1991
    M.A. in Astronomy, January 1987
  • Villanova University
    B.S. in Astronomy, May 1981

Graduate studies in supermassive black holes

Giant black holes weighing upwards of one billion times the mass of the Sun are thought to lurk at the centers of all massive galaxies. Energy released by spin breaking and infalling matter onto such supermassive black holes may be regulating the growth of galaxies and clusters of galaxies. Several projects dealing with X-ray, optical, and radio observations of powerful outflows from supermassive black holes are available to interested students.

Research interests

  • Galaxy Formation
  • Galaxy clusters, cosmology
  • Cooling flows
  • The intracluster medium
  • Properties of super-massive black holes
  • Radio galaxies
  • Stellar populations
  • Optical imaging, polarimetry, spectroscopy, X-ray, radio, infrared observations
  • Space astronomy: CCD detectors, optics
University of Waterloo

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