Fire restoration work is expected to continue into early November. The main stairwell and office wing on both second and third floors of the Physics building will be closed until necessary repairs to the main stairwell are completed.
Administrative offices have been relocated to PHY 345.

Please contact individual faculty members to request appointments, as many faculty have been relocated during this process.
Please do not cross any caution tapes whilst in the building.

Matteo Mariantoni

Assistant Professor

Mario MariantoniDr. Mariantoni has a strong background in cutting-edge research on superconducting qubits and circuit quantum electrodynamics. He specializes in the experimental realization of low-level microwave detection schemes and pulsing techniques that allow for the measurement of ultra-low quantum signals generated by superconducting qubits coupled to on-chip resonators.

Contact information
Office: QNC 3316
Phone: 519 888-4567 ext. 39056

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