Michel Gingras

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Condensed Matter Physics & Statistical Mechanics

Michel GingrasMy main current interests are in the field of theoretical condensed matter physics, with a focus on systems with random disorder, as well as strongly correlated classical and quantum condensed matter systems subject to strongly competing, or frustrated, interactions.

I often collaborate  with experimentalists both in Canada and internationally, either trying to understand their results or to conceive new experiments to test theoretical ideas developed in my group. More generally, I am intrigued by problems that exhibit interesting and perplexing collective behaviour. To pursue this research, my students and post-docs employ a range of analytical methods as well as a wide variety of computational techniques, often performing large-scale numerical simulations using programs that we develop, test and run on various platforms.

The number of students and post-docs in my group varies with time between 3-4 graduate students and a couple of post-docs.
I always entertain the interest of potential graduate students and undergraduate students to join the group.
Please send me an email at  gingras@uwaterloo.ca if interested.

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University of Waterloo
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