Photograph of a van de graaf generatorApparatus:
Van de Graaf generator, aluminum pie plates, stale rice cereal, flying ball, wig; optional insulating pad is available

Plug the vdg into a 115V AC source and adjust the belt's speed using the rheostat on the front centre of the generator's base. On a dry day, the generator will produce enough of a field to cause sparks to the discharging rod.
The flying ball is a hollow sphere on fishing line which, when suspended in the field, is attracted to the generator until completely charged. The ball is then repulsed by the field until it is discharged
Pie plates placed on the dome levitate when the generator is turned on until the charge is transferred to the top of the pile. At this point, the plates fly off in all directions.
Stale rice cereal placed on the dome will likewise fly off in every direction as well.

PIRA 5A50.30