PD12: Reflection and Learning in the Workplace

PD12: Reflection and Learning in the Workplace helps students develop critical workplace skills and qualities like self-awareness, initiative, and adaptability. Successful professionals aren’t perfect, but they learn from their mistakes and make effective apologies. They also develop a keen understanding of their organization’s culture and their place within said culture, and that knowledge helps prevent future missteps. Students who take PD12 understand the significance of these skills and start refining them for their own personal use.

What do PD12 students do?

  • Set a SMART goal and track their progress throughout the term
  • Practice accepting responsibility in the workplace through professional communication
  • Reflect proficiently, and learn to write effective reflections

Student testimonials

  • "Learning about metacognition and self-reflection was very important for my personal and professional growth."

Course instructor

Linda Carson

linda carson

Linda is a lecturer within the Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business at the University of Waterloo. She's an interdisciplinary Waterloo alumna who has taught in two different faculties and earned degrees from three. She studies drawing expertise and teaches art and psychology. In the event of an emergency, Linda is prepared to evacuate carrying only her BlackBerry, her sketchbook, and her Diet Coke.

Contact information

You can reach the PD12 course team at pd12@uwaterloo.ca.