PD12: Reflection and Learning in the Workplace

PD12: Reflection and Learning in the Workplace helps students develop critical workplace skills and qualities like self-awareness, initiative, and adaptability. Successful professionals aren’t perfect, but they learn from their mistakes and make effective apologies. They also develop a keen understanding of their organization’s culture and their place within said culture, and that knowledge helps prevent future missteps. Students who take PD12 understand the significance of these skills and start refining them for their own personal use.

What do PD12 students do?

  • Set, track, and meet goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound
  • Observe and adapt to the specifics of new workplaces
  • Assess their own progress and performance against clear expectations
  • Take initiative and responsibility for their actions
  • Reflect on their experiences, knowledge, and workplace skills

If you've completed PD12 and want to feature the course on your résumé, you're welcome to use and adapt the following bullet points in a "Professional Development" or "Relevant Courses" section:

  • Improved reflective writing skills and wrote a polished final report by implementing lessons learned from receiving TA feedback on assignments
  • Developed self-awareness through reflective writing to identify and act appropriately in situations of missing or ambiguous knowledge
  • Designed and monitored workplace and professional development goals, demonstrating ability to purposefully make, revise, and carry out plans
  • Wrote an effective workplace email accepting and following through on a task using clear, concise language

How are PD12 students graded?

PD12 students complete a series of assignments, activities, and reports over the course of the term. To pass the course, students must earn an overall grade of 50% or higher. Students must also earn a grade of 50% or higher on their major reflective report to earn their credit.

If you have a question about grading in PD12, contact the course team using the information in the sidebar.


PD12’s instructor is Linda Carson, a lecturer at the University of Waterloo Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business.


PD12 is offered every term.

Enrolment information

PD12 is the second compulsory PD course taken by co-op students in Applied Health Sciences, Arts, and Environment. Students are enrolled automatically and complete the course during their first work term.

PD12 is also an elective PD course for co-op students in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science. Students taking PD12 as an elective enrol themselves in the course using Quest.

Co-op students in Applied Health Sciences, Arts, and Environment complete their first elective PD course next. Co-op students in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science continue completing their elective PD courses next.

Contact information

Course team: pd12@uwaterloo.ca

ISC: Natalie Clifford natalie.clifford@uwaterloo.ca