MMath Research Paper Degree Completion Procedures

In order to complete the MMath degree, the Student must check to make sure that they expect to complete all the degree requirements by the end of their final term. About a month before completing all degree requirements, they should apply to graduate in Quest.

The Research Paper must be approved by two Readers: the Supervisor(s) and one other Reader who will normally hold a PhD and an appointment at the University of Waterloo. Once the Readers are ready to approve the Research Paper, they may do so by filling out this form.

Once the Student has heard that their Readers approve of their Research Paper, they should submit the final version of their Research Paper as a pdf document here.

For Spring Term completion, the Reader approvals and Research Paper submission must be completed by 9:00 am August 24.

If you are completing in a different term, please check with for the deadlines/procedure.