How do I view or download my class roster?

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View class roster 

  1. Sign in to Quest.
  2. Select the Class Roster tile.
    Class Roster tile in quest
  3. Select the term you want to display.
    Image fo class roster term listing in Quest
  4. Select the Course Title of the roster you want to view. 
    Image of course in Quest
  5. On the Class Roster results page:
    1. Select Detail to view the class roster information.
    2. Select Download to download a copy of the class roster.
    3. Select Select a Different Term to change the term you are viewing.
      Image of detail and download buttons in Quest
  6. To view another class roster select Return to Faculty CenterImage of class roster in Quest

Download class roster

  1. Navigate to the desired class roster with the instructions above. When you're on the class roster page, select Download.
  2. Two options are available (details are provided on what each option will produce).
    1. I want a .csv of this Class Roster
    2. I want a .csv of this Class Roster for Electronic Grades

Download for electronic grade submission

Instructions vary by browser.