How do I search for a class?

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Click Search for Classes.
    student's student centre with arrow pointing to search for classes link
  3. Complete the "Class Search Criteria" section.
    • If you know the course subject abbreviation, enter it in the blank box, otherwise click select subject and find it.
    • If you know the course number, enter it in the blank box and choose "is exactly" from the pull-down menu. If you don't know the course number:
      • Select "contains", "greater than or equal to", or "less than or equal to" from the pull-down menu and enter a partial catalog number in the box; or
      • Leave blank to see all courses being offered in that subject.
    • Select the appropriate course career from the Course Career drop-down list (graduate or undergraduate).
    • Make your selection for Show Open Classes Only. If you unselect Show Open Classes Only, you'll see all classes offered, including cancelled or closed classes.
    • Note: Use "Additional Search Criteria" to narrow your search results.
    • Click SEARCH.
      search for classes tab with example PSYCH 101 in search criteria and search button circled
  4. Click select to pick the class or if desired click NEW SEARCH.
    search for classes tab - search results displayed with PSYCH 101 example and arrow pointing to select button
  5. Review enrollment preferences, including Enrollment Information (requisites). Click NEXT.
    search for classes tab add to shopping cart enrollment preferences displayed with sample PSYCH 101 and arrow pointing to next button
  6. Confirmation message of successful add to shopping cart will be displayed. Click Shopping Cart to view selection(s) and continue the process or navigate to Enroll -> add to add a class to your schedule (skip to step 7).
    search for classes tab with search results and confirmation message displayed with arrow pointing to shopping cart
  7. View your shopping cart and select the course(s) you want to enroll in then click enroll.
    enroll shopping cart tab with PSYCH 101 selected and arrow pointing to enroll button
  8. Review confirmation page and click FINISH ENROLLING.
    shopping cart confirm classes message with arrow pointing to finish enrolling button
  9. Check the status of your add. If your add is successful, you'll see "Success" in the Status column and you'll not see any error messages.
    shopping cart view results sample success message for psych 101 with arrow pointing to add another class button.
  10. Click ADD ANOTHER CLASS to continue.