Incomplete (INC) grade process

The information found on this page refers to the Incomplete (INC) grade process for all students taking undergraduate courses at Waterloo.

About INC grades

  • See the definition of an INC grade in the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar.
  • An INC grade must be accompanied by an instructor-student INC Grade Form for completion of outstanding course element(s).
  • Granting of the INC grade is not guaranteed; it is at the instructor's discretion.

Requesting an INC grade

Contact your course instructor and discuss if receiving an INC grade is a possibility. Considerations for granting an INC grade include:

  • Your level of engagement that has exhibited throughout the term
  • Contributing circumstances

If you and the instructor are unable to reach an agreement on assigning an INC grade, you may opt to proceed with initiating Policy 70 (student petitions and grievances) proceedings.

If an INC grade is warranted, the instructor will:

  1. Clearly define:
    1. The outstanding course element(s) to be completed.
    2. The final date when all outstanding course element(s) are to be submitted.
  2. Submit an INC grade and an INC Grade Form to the Office of the Registrar.
    1. Once submitted, you will receive an electric copy of the INC Grade Form to your email address.

An INC grade has been approved, now what?

You are responsible for completing all outstanding course work by the set submission deadline. Once received, the instructor will grade your work and submit a revised grade to the Office of the Registrar. Please allow 2-3 weeks following the deadline for your record to be updated.