Funding awarded for social sciences and humanities research

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

More than 60 faculty members and graduate students at the University of Waterloo are receiving funds to advance their research in the areas of education, immigration, Indigenous health, and the environment.

History professor Steven Bednarski will receive $2.5 million to establish the first permanent humanities lab dedicated to digitizing environmental history and understanding human impacts on the natural world and vice versa.

The funding awarded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) is part of a national announcement of $285 million for researchers and graduate students across Canada by the Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Sport.

In addition to awards for graduate students, the announcement includes funds for SSHRC grants:

Partnership Development Grants

  • Roy Brouwer (Department of Economics): Payments for wetland ecosystem services as a nature-based solution to sustainably manage urbanized watersheds ($198,948)
  • Steffanie Scott (Department of Geography and Environmental Management): Using agroecology to advance Sustainable Development Goals in China: Pathways of transition towards a sustainable food system ($178,772)

Partnership Grant 

  • Steven Bednarksi (Department of History, St. Jerome’s University): Environments of change: Digitizing nature, history, and human experience in late medieval Sussex ($2.5 million)

Insight Development Grants

  • Martine August (School of Planning): The downsides of upgrading: Displacement and the financialization of Canadian rental housing ($74,512)
  • Adrian Blackwell (School of Architecture): Tracing the relationship between colonial land appropriation and contemporary urbanization in the Greater Golden Horseshoe and Paddle Prairie ($70,273)
  • Janet Boekhorst (Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business): The paradox of supporting employee wellbeing: Implications for manager wellbeing and job performance ($63,327)
  • Karla Boluk (Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies): Exploring the engagement of tourism social entrepreneurs with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals ($68,536)
  • Dillon Browne (Department of Psychology): Emotional well-being in newcomer Canadian families: Applying a whole family approach to assessment and monitoring ($74,990)
  • Shannon Dea (Department of Philosophy): Academic freedom in a non-ideal world ($20,269)
  • Jennifer Dean (School of Planning): Immigrant settlement in rural communities: Exploring access to the determinants of health ($69,492)
  • Ana Ferrer (Department of Economics): Conspicuous consumption, savings, and income inequality ($60,160)
  • Margaret Gibson (Social Development Studies, Renison University College): Neurodiversity matters: An ethnographic investigation of discourse, practice, and identity ($66,659)
  • Rachael Johnstone (Department of Political Science): “Mother, you have the floor:” Pregnancy, policy, and politics ($42,197)
  • Christina Parker (Department of Political Science): Restorative justice and peacebuilding dialogue in schools ($57,197)
  • Joe Qian (School of Planning): Informal housing finance in urban China: its causes, constraints, and potential ($74,888)
  • Winny Shen (Department of Psychology): Leveraging data science and observed internet data to understand the role of gender in work family interface ($57,077)
  • Simron Singh (School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development): Policy pathways towards achieving sustainable food security in an island state ($68, 679)
  • Andrew Stumpf (Department of Philosophy): Physicians' Moral Experience and Moral Distinctions in Philosophical Bioethics ($35,982)
  • Henry Svec (Department of Communication Arts): Entangling the media history archive: String figures as imaginary media ($50,698) 
  • Sarah Wolfe (School of Environment, Resources, and Sustainability): Stronger than fear: awe, ritual, identity, and water decisions ($72,274) 

Insight Grants

  • Janice Aurini (Department of Sociology and Legal Studies): National stratification systems, parenting logics, and social reproduction: The case of higher education in the United States, Canada, and Cuba ($166,522)
  • Andy Bauer (Department of Accounting and Finance): Corporate tax incentives and their link to managerial compensation and risk-taking ($174,335)
  • Gerry Boychuk (Department of Political Science): Populism, suffrage, prohibition: Causes and consequences of the female vote in the Northern Plains States and Canadian Prairie provinces, 1910-1920 ($90, 842)
  • Jay Dolmage (Department of English Language and Literature): Academic eugenics ($86,217)
  • Doreen Fraser (Department of Philosophy): How mid-level frameworks are used to develop new theories in physics ($79,230)
  • Bruce Frayne (School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development): Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals in Canadian cities: Mapping social-ecological relationships underpinning urban sustainable development ($74,115)
  • Igor Grossmann (Department of Psychology): Wisdom of knowing the difference: Unpacking knowledge of strategy-situation fit and its relationship to context-sensitive meta-cognition ($239,703)
  • Corey Johnson (Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies): More than a profile pic?: Gender and sexual social relations on geo-social networking applications ($195,304)
  • Svetlana Kaminskaia (Department of French Studies): Regional and stylistic (in)variance in Canadian French prosody ($96,236)
  • Alice Kuzniar (Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies): Homeopathy and the poetic modernity of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff ($66,942)
  • Denise Marigold (Social Development Studies, Renison University College): Responsive social support for vulnerable individuals ($186,127)
  • Aimee Morrison (Department of English Language and Literature): Rhetoric of the selfie ($94,465)
  • Diana Parry (Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies): Creating male equity advocates: Addressing sexual violence on university campuses ($92,881)
  • Theo Stratopoulos (Department of Accounting and Finance): Using company disclosures to predict technology diffusion ($91,732)
  • Andrew Thompson (Department of Political Science): The defenders: A short history of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights ($70,390)
  • Adam Vitalis (Department of Accounting and Finance): An investigation into the impact of changing the Auditor’s Report on financial statement users ($94,829)
  • Nancy Worth (Department of Geography and Environmental Management): Home/work: Understanding the significance of work-at-home freelancing ($112,919)
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