Application process

An application must be completed by researchers or instructors who plan to use live non-human vertebrate animals in research or teaching projects. The Animal Care Committee (ACC) reviews and approves all applications.

Tips for completing an Application

  • All personnel who will be involved in use of animals must be listed in the People section and upload their GoSignMeUp (GSMU) animal training record.
  • SOPs are available for researchers and instructors and located on MS Teams OR-Animal users info (previously located on SharePoint).  If you do not have access to this MS team site, please contact the Office of Research Ethics.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) need to be listed in the procedural table (identified with SOP# and title).
  • Any procedures that do not have an existing SOP, need to be uploaded as a draft SOP to be approved by the ACC.
  • Any application that has not undergone a merit review through a granting agency or is not funded will need to undergo a merit review before an ethics review is conducted by the ACC.
  • Merit reviews are also required for teaching projects.
  • Researchers and instructors need to allow additional time for the merit review process (3-4 weeks) prior to the ACC ethics review of the project. This timeline may vary depending on the number of reviews underway.
  • ACC meeting dates and deadlines