Professor and RoboHub Director

Professor William MelekProfessor William Melek is the director of Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He is an expert on robotics, artificial intelligence, sensing, and state estimation.

At the RoboHub, Professor Melek will lead research in the areas of motion sensing, perception, and intelligent control. He will develop motion sensing and state estimation algorithms in collaboration with Professor Waslander and Professor Kulić. These will be vital for coordinated control systems for autonomous ground vehicles and humanoid systems. He will also develop intelligent algorithms for reconfiguring magnetically-levitated robot formations for manufacturing applications, and to facilitate their interaction with other robotic setups. The RoboHub will significantly advance Professor Melek’s research in flexible robotic systems and precision control of manipulators, providing a unique collaborative opportunity to study heterogeneous robotic teams.

See Professor Melek's department profile for more details about his work outside of the RoboHub.

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