Alexander Aroyo

SIRRL Manager

Alexander Aroyo is the Manager of the Social and Intelligent Robotics Research Lab. His research focuses on endowing robots with the capability of complex social interactions with humans.

Robert Wagner

RoboHub Technician and Safety Officer

Robert Wagner is the RoboHub's Technician and Safety Officer, having joined the team after working with MME as a CNC Technician for over 20 years.

Alexander Werner

RoboHub Specialist: Humanoid Robotics

Alexander Werner is the RoboHub's Humanoid Specialist and a PhD Candidate at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). While his focus is control and locomotion for humanoid robots, he also supports general research in the RoboHub.

Brandon J. DeHart

Adjunct Assistant Professor and RoboHub Manager

Professor Brandon DeHart is the RoboHub Manager. He has been working with mobile and legged robots for almost 20 years, with a research focus on balance and gait for bipedal robots.