Chris Nielsen

Professor and Associate Chair, Grad Studies (ECE)
Professor Chris Nielsen

Professor Chris Nielsen is a leading authority on nonlinear control systems and the mathematical design of feedback control laws.

At the RoboHub, Professor Nielsen will implement multi-agent path following algorithms for truly heterogeneous robot networks of ground, aerial and humanoid vehicles. His experience with magnetic levitation (maglev) and expertise on nonlinear control will also be essential for enabling multi-agent maglev systems.

These are inherently nonlinear and their performance can be improved by working directly with the nonlinear dynamics. Nielsen’s research on estimation for systems on Lie groups will create reliable and accurate pose estimation algorithms for quadrotors, enabling high performance, fault-tolerant control algorithms using cost-effective sensors and in the presence of disturbances and noise.

See Professor Nielsen's faculty profile for more details about his work outside of the RoboHub.