Katja Mombaur

Professor and Canada Excellence Research Chair

Professor Katja Mombaur
Professor Katja Mombaur is the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Human-Centred Robotics and Machine Intelligence. She is an expert on human-robot interaction, wearable and humanoid robots, and human motion analysis.

In the RoboHub, Professor Mombaur will continue her research on developing robots with “motion intelligence,” a particular kind of AI that incorporates an understanding of human movement and anticipation of human actions. She also works with wearable and humanoid robots to determine how increasingly intelligent machines can operate safely and efficiently in a complex human world, and how they should behave in that world. She will be using mathematical modelling to teach robots how to move and to design the best possible assisstive devices, such as exoskeletons and prosthetic limbs, for the elderly and disabled.

See Professor Mombaur's faculty profile for more details about her work outside of the RoboHub.