2023-24 Honours Co-operative Medicinal Chemistry Course Sequence

2023-24 Honours Co-operative Medicinal Chemistry Recommended Course Sequence

Note: Program elective recommendation notes are listed after Year 5.

Year 1


  • OFF

Year 2



  • Work Term 1

Year 3


  • Work Term 2


  • Work Term 3

Year 4



  • Work Term 4


  • Work Term 5

Year 5

Fall and Winter

  • CHEM 464
  • CHEM 494A Research Project
  • CHEM 494B Research Project
  • Two CHEM program electives (1.0 unit)
  • Four CHEM program electives 400-level (2.0 units) 

Program Elective Recommendation Note

  • Note: A synthetic organic chemistry CHEM 400 course must be taken as one of the fourth-year program electives. Not all of the courses offered in the CHEM 400 series can be counted towards the Medicinal Chemistry program. Students should consult their academic advisor for more information about which courses can be counted.
  • Students may take a chem elective earlier by switching a Free elective for a Chem elective in the recommended course sequence if they have the prerequisite for the desired chem elective.
  • The represented sequencing of all elective types is suggestive only and can be taken in a different order, and different term, than what is shown, depending on the elective chosen, it’s term of offering and required requisites.

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