2023-24 Honours Physics and Astronomy Recommended Course Sequence

2023-24 Honours Physics and Astronomy Recommended Course Sequence

Note: Elective and program elective recommendation notes are located after Year 4. 

Year 1

 Note: Year One CHEM 120CHEM 120L, and CHEM 123 may be replaced by Year One BIOL or EARTH courses.

Year 2


Year 3 



Year 4

Fall and Winter

  • PHYS 10
  • PHYS 474
  • PHYS 475
  • One PHYS elective 400-level (0.5 unit)
  • Two PHYS electives (1.0 unit)
  • Four electives (2.0 units)

 Elective and Program Elective Recommendation Note

  • PHYS 434PHYS 437A, and PHYS 442 are recommended electives for students wishing to pursue graduate studies.
  • Max 1.5 lab units permitted as electives, exclusive of PHYS electives.
  • The represented sequencing of all elective types is suggestive only and can be taken in a different order, and different term, than what is shown, depending on the elective chosen, it’s term of offering and required requisites.

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