Historical reference:1977 memo from T.A. Brzutowski


Memorandum: January 14, 1977

To: All Deans

From: T.A. Brzustowski

Re: Interpretation of Policy #43

This will confirm the conclusions reached in our discussions at Executive Council, December 22, 1976, and January 5, 1977, in regard to the permissible combination of professorial sabbatical leave and extra sabbatical leave credit granted for administrative service.

It is understood that extra leave credit is granted only for administrative service performed since July 1, 1971.

1. For consistency with Policy #3, a professor holding an administrative appointment as Dean, Associate Dean, or Department Chairman shall be eligible to apply for one year's sabbatical leave at full salary after six years of professorial service including four or more years of administrative service.

2. Extra sabbatical leave credit granted after less than four years in administrative service will be prorated at one month's leave at full pay per year of service, or at 1/12 of the annual salary per year of service if a year's sabbatical leave is granted.

3. Extra leave credits for administrative service are granted only toward the first sabbatical leave after that service. They cannot be carried forward toward a subsequent sabbatical leave.

4. Eligibility for sabbatical leave in the case of those professors who have served as Dean, Associate Dean, or Department Chairman shall be based on an average of six years' professorial service between leaves.


T.A. Brzustowski
Vice-President, Academic