Course Selection for Transfer Students

Social Development Studies is a major housed at Renison while also falling under the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Arts.

A full-time SDS student coming direct from high-school would have the following as their first-year schedule. They would choose one elective and one ARTS First course per term, and otherwise automatically put in the other three courses.

Fall Term Winter Term
PSYCH 101R - Introductory Psychology  SDS 131R - Political Ideologies and Social Development
SOC 101R – Introduction to Sociology  SDS 150R – Lifespan Processes
SOCWK 120R – Introduction to Social Work  PSYCH 253R – Social Psychology
ARTS  130 or 140  ARTS 130 or 140
Elective  Elective 
  • "R" = Renison-offered course
  • ARTS 130 = Inquiry and Communication
    • Recommended topic: Social Justice & Social Development 
  • ARTS 140 = Information and Analysis
    • Recommended topic: Social Change & Social Development

Transfer students are not automatically enrolled in courses. You therefore have more flexibility to select our foundation courses out of sequence and according to what term you start in SDS.

As a transfer student, it's recommended you secure the first 8 courses (excluding electives) as soon as possible when you start the major. However you may end up receiving credit for some of these courses based on how your previous courses are assessed.

Course availability and when you choose to take them may also differ if you are registered as a part-time student (maximum 2 courses per term) or online-only student. For example, PSYCH 101, SOC 101 and PSYCH 253 are offered online through main-campus. You would take these offerings toward the SDS major if you are an online student, assuming you do not have them as transfer credits.

Your first-term course selection experience may look different depending on if you are a:

All dates listed below are applicable to Winter 2023.

Transferred from another University or College

After you receive and accept your Offer of Admission, you will receive an email outlining any transfer credits you have been granted from your previous studies within a few weeks. It is better to start planning courses early, even if you don't yet have this assessment. Schedules can be adjusted once your transfer credits are finalized.

Transferred from another University of Waterloo Faculty

This can be seen as an “internal transfer” as you are still a UW student, but switching faculties for a number of reasons. Some courses you passed in your prior faculty may transfer and count toward your new Arts degree. 

What about next term?

  • Course selection dates for future dates will be listed on the Important Dates website . Please keep an eye on your UW email for helpful SDS newsletters.
  • If you need extra help or advice: