What is the Course Selection Period?

It is the creation of a wish list of courses you want to take during the next academic term. Your wish list of courses will be used to create a conflict-free class schedule for you, if you are successfully enrolled in the courses.

Participating in the Course Selection Period gives you an early attempt at getting into your desired courses, though there are no guarantees.

Returning students: Any holds or fees owing on your accounts will prevent you from participating; you'll first need to clear your hold(s) and/or pay your fees.

If course selection is missed, you can add courses (subject to availability) during the Drop/Add Period.

Helpful information:

  • Specific dates are listed on Important Dates:
    • Starts at 8:15 a.m. (Eastern Time) on the first day listed
    • Ends at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time) on the last day listed
  • You can select courses anytime during the Course Selection Period; successful enrolment into desired courses is independent of when you make your choices during this period (i.e., not on a first-come, first-served basis).
    • You can also modify your requests or change your priorities during the entire period (i.e., as often as you like!).
  • See Quest instructions for selecting courses. Note: Course selection cannot be completed on Quest mobile.
    • Tip: Only want on-campus or online courses? Make sure to select your preference under Instruction Mode and set it as "required".
  • Having issues? You may need to complete a Course Selection Override Form.

How course selection prioritization works

  • "0" is the highest priority -- only added by an academic advisor (important: don't remove these!).
  • "1" is the next highest priority, followed by "2", "3", etc.
  • Each number, with the exception of "0", must be unique.
  • Required courses should be prioritized over electives.

Course selection results

Once completed, the course selection exercise generates your class schedule.

Next steps